Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Tool For Secure Flatwork Ironer Guide Tape Connecting

  Hongkong Xinyun own desiged new product of Suture tool for laundry guide tape, it can work for 100%nomex (aramid) guide tape, polyester guide tape and nomex polyester guide tape. Making guide tape smooth, strong and longer life time.

Our this machine for guide tape, operation easy and convenient, small and light, working as fast and smooth as driving on a highway, everyone can handle smooth, it is light which can hold on hand for no matter how long when you are jointing ironer guide tape.

We compared with the ultrasonic wedler for ironer guide tape, our suture machine has below advantage:
1, Lower cost: the cost of our suture machine for guide tape is about one-twentieth of the ultrasonic welding machine. 
2, Stronger and longer working life: Stitching is stronger than ultrasonic welding machine, guide tape without any damage which will working longer time.
3, Usage wide: Any material of laundry guide tape can be connected, including the nomex tape, but the ultrasonic welding machine only can use on polyester tape.
4, Safety and convenient: Our stitching tool for ironer guide tape is safer and more convenient than the ultrasonic welding machine, everybody can operation.
5, Highly cost effective: Are small budget for any laundry factory, large-scale or small laundry service,maintenance team.

- Weight: 400g/pc
- Voltage: 110V-220V [General Purpose]
- Configuration power supply: 6V/charger and battery
- Method: small handheld tool
- Packing size: 25*7*11/pc
- Color: white/blue/black
- Features: simple operation, convenient, fast, firm and low cost

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