Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Commercial Laundry Ironer Belts Part

We manufacture full type of laundry parts for commercial laundry flatwork ironer and feeder process, parts include of flatwork ironer padding and laundry ironer belts, folder cotton band and polyester feeding belt, ironer guide tape,laundry guide tape welding suture machine,laundry net bags,table press pad,laundry belt fastener and fastener equipment , other accessoriess, we adopt best material to reach long working life time and super performance. Ironing Textile Belts for equipping virtually all machines of all manufacturers worldwide: Electrolux (Dubix), Lapauw, Jensen, Girbau, IPSO-Alliance, Primus, Danube, Kannegiesser, Passat, Lavater, Biko, Olma, Vega System, Chicago Dryer, Staht, GMP, among others.

Flatwork Ironer Padding Laundry FeltsFlatwork Ironer Padding Laundry Felts

Flatwork Ironer Laundry Padding Felts are use on commercial ironer machine, we choose high quality fiber of meta aramid(nomex) and polyester, ours rich experience workers and superior techniques team offering stable and high quality ironer felts, the ironer padding are suitable for all brand of commercial flatwork Ironers.

L-011: 100% Polyester ironer padding (Working temp max. 160 ° C.)
L-012: Polyester meta aramid ironer padding  (Working temp max. 190 °C.)
L-013: 100%nomex( ironer padding (Working temp max. 240 °C.)
* Width up to 4200 mm 
* Thickness from 3mm to 22mm.
* Weight from 400g/m2 to 4500 g/m2 
* Length: can be processed into rolls (30m to 52m long) or cut to your desired size.

Flatwork Ironer Belt Laundry Ironer RibbonFlatwork Ironer Belt Laundry Ironer Ribbon

We offer a variety of flatwork ironer belt for commercial laundry drying (also called heated cylinder belts and ironer ribbon) for all flatwork ironers:(Electrolux, Girbau, Primus, Alliance (Ipso),chicago,sealion …)

L-021 100% Aramid  fibers needled to the aramid scrim.  (Working temp max. 240 °C.)

L-022 Blended Aramid-polyester felt, Aramid scrim cloth or Polyester cloth. (Working temp max. 210 °C.)

L-023 Aramid fiber woven cloth, also called Chicago belt,Nomex Belting (yellow). Special used on American Chicago machine.(Working temp max. 200 °C.)

L-024 Polyester Woven Belt,also called canvas belt.Suitable for Chinese ironing machine (Working temp max. 160°C.)

we can offer  Commercial Laundry Belting as following:

* Supply special width per roll.
* tailor-made and equipped with connectors and a protective flap, supply special length with ready-made belts with stainles steel hooks and pins.

Flatwork Ironer Guide TapesFlatwork Ironer Guide Tapes

Flatwork Ironer Guide Tape for commcercial laundry working high temperature with ironer padding and ironer belts, Hongkong XinYun offering 100% Polyester guide tape, nomex Polyester guide tape and 100% Nomex guide tapes cater for any brand of flatwork ironer machine. 

100% Polyester guide tape for steam heated ironer, nomex Polyester guide tape and 100% Nomex guide tapes for gas heated ironer.

Our guide tape availble of 100m in carton box, 400m in spool.

Width from 13mm, 15mm, 20mm and any size customization.

Ironer Guide Tape Suture Tool Nomex Tape Stitching Joint MachineIroner Guide Tape Suture Tool Nomex Tape Stitching Joint Machine
Our Suture tool for laundry guide tape suitable for joint of 100%nomex (aramid) guide tape, polyester guide tape and nomex polyester guide tape. Our smart engineer applied the traditional sewing technology to design the ironer guide tape connection without any damage to reach longer working life, to solve this history problem, suture joint tool for guide tape its performance strong and smooth. 

This stitching tool for laundry guide tape easy operation and fast as driving on a highway, everyone can handle smooth, it is light which can hold on hand for no matter how long when you are jointing ironer guide tape.

We compared with the ultrasonic wedler for ironer guide tape, our suture machine has below advantage:

1, Lower cost: the cost of our suture machine for guide tape is about one-twentieth of the ultrasonic welding machine. 
2, Stronger and longer working life: Stitching is stronger than ultrasonic welding machine, guide tape without any damage which will working longer time.

3, Usage wide: Any material of laundry guide tape can be connected, including the nomex tape, but 

the ultrasonic welding machine only can use on polyester tape.

4, Safety and convenient: Our stitching tool for ironer guide tape is safer and more convenient than 

the ultrasonic welding machine, everybody can operation.

5, Highly cost effective: Are small budget for any laundry factory, large-scale or small laundry service,maintenance team.

Laundry Folding Feed BeltsLaundry Folding Feed Belts

Folding cotton belts for commercial laundry ironer folder, good quality flatwork ironer folder ribbon used on folding machine and feeding machine:

L-041 Cotton belt--100% cotton with small shrinkage

L-042 Cotton rubber belt --rough elastic surface and woven cotton in the bottom, for non-slip application

L-043 Elastic belt--with great stretch and elasticity

L-044 Anti-static cotton belt--Cotton,polyester and static wire.


* Standard width:50mm(2”),75mm(3”)

* Standard length:100m/roll

* Supply special width per roll (MOQ3500m for customized design)
* Supply special length with ready-made belts with stainles steel hooks and pins.

* Lacing Options:#25 (#0)

Polyester Feeding Belts Laundry Feeder BandPolyester Feeding Belts Laundry Feeder Band

Polyester feeding belts are use on the front laundry ironer conveyor, cloth/blankets come into the ironer more smooth when put on the polyester feeder belt.

L-051 Ironer Polyester feeder belt--100% polyester feeding band with density 1200g,can sew to endless or joint with fastner hooks.

L-053 Vacumn belt (Perforated feed belts)--100% Polyester needled felt with special finishing and heat setting.

L-052 Pressing Roller Cloth--polyester,thickness from 2mm to 15mm is available.

* Standard width:50mm(2”),75mm(3”),100mm(4”) ,150mm(6”)

* Standard length:20m/roll

* Supply special width per roll
* Supply special length with ready-made belts with stainles steel hooks and pins.

* Lacing Options:#25 (#0)

Laundry Folder Belt Clamp JoinerLaundry Folder Belt Clamp Joiner

Laundry ironing belt clamp for cotton belt polyester belts self locking to avoid belt slipping.

Size width up to 5 ", our belt stretching tool any belt replacement will be no brainer for your maintenance. 

Laundry PVC Belt,Green BeltLaundry PVC Belt,Green Belt

Hongkong Xinyun have kinds of PVC belt, rubber belt, rough belt for laundry ironing roll wrapping and conveyor, you will find the one you need.

* Rough PVC Green for laundry ironer machine folder: 5mm thickness, 50mm width in 50meter roll or make ready with clipper/belt fasteners

* Rough Rubber Belt for laundry ironer roll wrapping: 2mm thickness, 50mm width in 100meter roll or make ready with clipper/belt fasteners

* Green PVC Elastic green top black back for laundry ironer conveyor: 1.5mm, 50mm width in 50meter roll or make ready with clipper/belt fasteners

* PU belt/PU Anti static Belt for laundry ironer conveyor: 1.5mm, 50mm width in 50meter roll or make ready with clipper/belt fasteners

*  Rough Dot Rubber Belt / Silicone Belt for laundry ironing folder: 2mm thickness, 50mm width in 50meter roll or make ready with clipper/belt fasteners

Laundry Belting Fastener Clipper HooksLaundry Belting Fastener Clipper Hooks
Our own belt fastener clippers all are 316 stainless steel materials, models number of # 25 and # 1 belt fastener clipper for laundry cotton belts, ironer belts.
The advantage of our L-061 25 # and 1# clipper hooks is not requiring a binder, easy to operate. Fasteners and belt nip sturdy,our unique structure,ensure fasteners not pull out.

No.25 belt fasteners wire diameter Φ 0.6mm, applied to laundry folder cotton belts, Polyester feeding belting,rubber belt and PVC belt Ect.
Standard size :   2” (200 per box)
                        3” (200 per box)
                        4” (100 per box) 
                        6” (48 per box)
                        8” (24 per box)
                        12” (24 per box)

No. 1 belt fastener wire diameter Φ 1.0mm, applied to IRONING FELT BELTS.
Standard size:    6” (24 per box)     8” (12 per box)     12"(12 per box)

Fasteners Machine Tools For Laundry BeltsFasteners Machine Tools For Laundry Belts

Our own design of belt fastener machine tool for laundry belts, installation tool for ironer cotton belt, we have manual hydrulic pump machine and electric foot pedal fastener machine faster and save time.

Our two number hydrulic pump fastener machines can installate all number of laundry belt fastener of No.25 and No.1 clipper. From the mould and hydraulic system components, through the replacement of mould, to meet # 25 and # 1 fasteners mooth processing. It can lace belts up to #25 of 6" (150mm) and #1of 8"(210mm)wide.


We also can offer only mould (vice) with your machine to belts repair. 

Our economical laundry belt hooks machine will be your best choice, easy operation and fast repair the laundry belts.

Ironer Wax Laundry WaxIroner Wax Laundry Wax

Ironer Powder Wax is applied to the ironer bed, so that the linen can glide over the surface & produce a well ironed, we have flake ironer laundry wax and paticle ironer wax, laundry ironer wax is package in 50 Pounds with Paper Cylinder.

We also offer Ironer wax cloth and continues cleaning belt pad work together with ironer wax.

Ironer Roller Nomex CoverIroner Roller Nomex Cover
Ironer roller nomex cover or roller nomex cloth, 100%nomex high resist temperature.
Ironing Board Pad FeltIroning Board Pad Felt

We have ironing board pad felt, ironing board sponge and ironing board colth/cover, we can make this Press pads on 8mm or 10mm for adapt all of the different ironing press models throughout the Dry Cleaning industry.

Our ironing board felt feature:

* Made of polyester felt and Retardant fiber

* A good resilience, makes ironing easy

* Thickness 4mm to 10mm, length 30m to 50m roll

Heavy Duty Mesh Laundry Bag Laundry Net BagsHeavy Duty Mesh Laundry Bag Laundry Net Bags

We offering is the strong heavy duty washable mesh laundry bags, laundry net with drawcord is made of sturdy high-quality (200gsm-280gsm) and 100% polyester mesh material and comes in white. Large and strong mesh laundry bag to protect clothes and sportswear in the washing machine. Suitable for high-temperature washing and drying. Drawstring closure mesh laundry bags provide security that items won’t spill out.Mesh material allows for items to breathe, which keeps dampness and odors away.

Ideal machine washable mesh laundry bag for factories, college, dorm and apartment dwellers.

Size: Length 87cm (34.25") x Width 61cm (24") approx or 36" x 24"
Dry Cleaning Presses Pads and CoverDry Cleaning Presses Pads and Cover

Hongkong XinYun hand made dry cleaning presses press pads by the excellent materials around for breathability and longevity, it can be customs made of size you need, small or large size, along with spring and other accessories as you need. It is made of special material polyester with coated, inside is fire resistant material which is high resilience and breathability.

We can offer any size press pads or convers, inside material for all ironing press dryer model.

Fasteners Wire Pin RollFasteners Wire Pin Roll

Two kinds of wire pin roll to meet with different belts:

one is steel core and blue nylon surface combination, and the other is 100% nylon roll.

Wire diameter:1.6mm


Other Parts

Commercial washer Drain valve

Ironer Spring

Material: galvanization

Size: 500meter / 1000meter

Drying mesh belts 

Air finisher covers

Steam air finisher

Pony form finisher cover

Rotary Joint,Swivel union

Green top black back rubber for folder

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