Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited

We manufacture full type of laundry parts for commercial laundry flatwork ironer and feeder process, parts include of flatwork Ironer padding and laundry ironer belts, folder cotton belting and polyester feeding belt, ironer guide tape,table press pad,laundry belt fastener and fastener equipment , other accessoriess, we adopt best material to reach long working life time and super performance.

L-010 Flatwork ironer paddingL-010 Flatwork ironer padding

We choose high quality fiber of polyester,meta aramid(nomex), own full experienced workers and superior techniques team, the ironer press padding are suitable for all brand of laundry flatwork Ironers.

L-011: 100% Polyester ironer padding (Working temp max. 160 ° C.)
L-012: Polyester meta aramid ironer padding  (Working temp max. 190 °C.)
L-013: 100%nomex( ironer padding (Working temp max. 240 °C.)
* Width up to 4200 mm 
* Thickness from 3mm to 22mm.
* Weight from 400g/m2 to 4500 g/m2 
* Length: can be processed into rolls (30m to 52m long) or cut to your desired size.

L-020 Flatwork Ironer beltL-020 Flatwork Ironer belt

We offer a variety of drying ironer belt(also called Heated Cylinder Belts,ironer Ribbon) for all flatwork ironers:(Electrolux, Girbau, Primus, Alliance (Ipso),chicago,sealion …)

L-021 100% Aramid  fibers needled to an Aramid scrim.  (Working temp max. 240 °C.)

L-022 Blended Aramid-polyester felt, Aramid scrim cloth or Polyester cloth. (Working temp max. 210 °C.)

L-023 Aramid fiber woven cloth, also called Chicago belt,Nomex Belting (yellow). Special used on American Chicago machine.(Working temp max. 200 °C.)

L-024 Polyester Woven Belt,also called canvas belt.Suitable for Chinese ironing machine (Working temp max. 160°C.)

we can offer  Commercial Laundry Belting as following:

* Supply special width per roll.
* Supply special length with ready-made belts with stainles steel hooks and pins.

L-015 Felt Ironing Board PadL-015 Felt Ironing Board Pad
We custom make Press pads for adapt all of the different press models throughout the Dry Cleaning industry.
* Made of polyester felt and Retardant fiber
* A good resilience, makes ironing easy

* Thickness 4mm to 10mm, length 30m to 50m roll

L-030 Ironer Guide tapesL-030 Ironer Guide tapes

Ironer guide tape we have 100% Polyester, Meta-Aramid/Polyester and 100% Meta-Aramid guide tapes cater for any need.

100m in carton box, 400m in spool.

Width from 13mm, 15mm, 20mm and any size customization.

L-040 Folding Machine BeltsL-040 Folding Machine Belts

Good quality flatwork ironer folder ribbon used on folding machine and feeding machine:

L-041 Cotton belt--100% cotton with small shrinkage

L-042 Cotton rubber belt --rough elastic surface and woven cotton in the bottom, for non-slip application

L-043 Elastic belt--with great stretch and elasticity

L-044 Anti-static cotton belt--Cotton,polyester and static wire.


* Standard width:50mm(2”),75mm(3”)

* Standard length:100m/roll

* Supply special width per roll (MOQ3500m for customized design)
* Supply special length with ready-made belts with stainles steel hooks and pins.

* Lacing Options:#25 (#0)

L-050 Feeding polyester beltsL-050 Feeding polyester belts

L-051 Ironer Polyester feeder belt--100% polyester feeding band with density 1200g,can sew to endless or joint with fastner hooks.

L-052 Pressing Roller Cloth--polyester,thickness from 2mm to 15mm is available.

L-053 Vacumn belt (Perforated feed belts)--100% Polyester needled felt with special finishing and heat setting.

* Standard width:50mm(2”),75mm(3”),100mm(4”) ,150mm(6”)

* Standard length:20m/roll

* Supply special width per roll
* Supply special length with ready-made belts with stainles steel hooks and pins.

* Lacing Options:#25 (#0)

L-060 Laundry belting FastenerL-060 Laundry belting  Fastener
Our own Belt fastener clipper all  is 316 stainless steel materials, models have # 25, # 1, UCM36#【 width 2 "to 12"】 and pvc belt need Hook  is G1 # G2 # G3 #
Our L-061 25 # hooks, the biggest advantage of not requiring a binder, easy to operate.
Fasteners and belt nip sturdy,our unique structure
Ensure fasteners not pull out
Wire diameter Φ 0.6mm,Applied to cotton feed Belting,Polyester  Feeder Belting 
Standard size :  2” (200 per box)
                      3” (200 per box)
                      4” (100 per box) 
                      6” (48 per box)
                      8” (24 per box)
                      12” (24 per box)

L-062 1# hook ,Wire diameter Φ 1.0mm,Applied to IRONING FELT BELTS 
 Standard size:    6” (24 per box)     8” (12 per box)     12"(12 per box)

L-064 Lacing Systems( fasteners tools)L-064 Lacing Systems( fasteners  tools)
Lacing Systems( fasteners  tools): hooks machine from the mould and hydraulic system components, through the replacement of mould, to meet # 25 and # 1 fasteners mooth processing. It can lace belts up to #25 of 6" (150mm) and #1of 8"(210mm)wide

* Separately mould and vise used in conjunction with, user , better for small amount belts repair. 

L-070 Powder WaxL-070 Powder Wax
Powder Wax is applied to the ironer bed, so that the linen can glide over the surface & produce a well ironed
Wax is package in 50 Pounds with Paper Cylinder
L-065 Wire Pin RollL-065 Wire Pin Roll

Two kinds of wire pin roll to meet with different belts:

one is steel core and blue nylon surface combination, and the other is 100% nylon roll.

Wire diameter:1.6mm


Ironer Roller Nomex CoverIroner Roller Nomex Cover
Ironer roller nomex cover or roller nomex cloth, 100%nomex high resist temperature.
Other parts

L-072 Ironer Cleaning cloth

Ironer Spring


Polyester pressing

roller cloth


steel Hoses

Rotary joint

Avaliable size:1'', 1.5''

For folders and stackers ,we can offer a wide selection of rubber wound tape, Rufftop Belting, pvc Belting , felt belt.

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