Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Construction Industry Felt Belt Cloth

HongKong XinYun offering kinds of construction industry felt belt cloth, such as Cement Air Fabrics Air Slid Belt For Cement Industry,Aluminum Extruder Belts,Glass Table Carpet Felt,Industrial Steel Wiping Felt,Battery Pasting Belts,Filter Press Belt For Dewatering Of Sludges In The Chemical.

Filter Press Belt Filter Cloth FabricFilter Press Belt Filter Cloth Fabric
The belt filter cloth sometimes called press belt is an industrial piece of equipment used for solid/liquid separation, in particular is used in the dewatering of sludges in the chemical, food, minerals & mining  and wastewater industries.

Our filter press belts are very strong and abrasion resistant, they have high dimensional stability during machine load and their edges are reinforced. Fabric construction ensures good drainage of liquid and at the same time prevents the extrusion of the sludge cake through the fabric.

Our filtration felt belt have been used in for filtration of metal concentrates, industrial minerals and tailings,highly suitable for fine particle filtration, filter belt absolute freedom from folds, good cake separation and excellent dewatering behaviour (maximum width 4.5 m).To create an endless belt, filter fabrics are joined by the detachable stainless steel clipper seam ( 316) or the permanent woven seam, they can be individually used in most different areas of application on the following systems: Filter belts for belt filters, tower presses,  double-belt presses

There are two kinds of industrial press filter belts, Woven Filter Cloth  and Needle Non-woven Filter Belt :

* Woven Filter Mesh Belt 
Synthetic monofilament of PP & PET, double layer 
Smooth surface for cake release easily
High strength, low elongation
Max. width 460cm available

*Needle Non-Woven Filter Cloth Belt
It is made of double layer synthetic monofilament as the base fabric and needle-punched multiple layers of fibers, felt belts are pre-stretched to minimise shrinking and stretching.
Material have polyester, nylon, pps or aramid, the seamless overlap of the  non-woven filter  belt allows for a smooth transition at the scraper.

Cement Air Permeable FabricsCement Air Permeable Fabrics

Cement Air Permeable Fabrics, Air Slide Belts are used in cement industry pneumatic conveyors to transport fluidized dry bulk powders such as cement, barite, silica, alumina, and chemical or plastic resins.

We offer the finest solid woven and nonwoven air permeable fabrics available, these fabrics are engineered specifically for air gravity conveyors and fluidized beds. 

Needled Air Fabrics (Polyester/Aramide) which designed specifically for air gravity conveyors, the  advantages over woven air permeable fabrics,Air Permeable Solid Woven( Polyester/cotton), These solid woven fabrics are made of 100% spun polyester fibers and the multiple plies are interwoven for superior strength and abrasion resistance. 

Aluminum Extruder Belts Roller TubesAluminum Extruder Belts Roller Tubes

Aluminum Extruder Belts Roller Tubes

Our range of heat resistant aluminum extruder transfer belts & roller tubes are manufactured to handle finished product temperatures up to 500°C. & peaking at 600°C. Used in runout, transfer, cooling, walking beams, stretcher feed & batching through the extrusion process our belts & tubes provide outstanding high temperature & abrasion resistance.
Glass Table Carpet Glass Cutting Table FeltGlass Table Carpet Glass Cutting Table Felt

Glass Table Carpet Also Know As Glass Cutting Table Felt

Glass cutting table stiff felt usage : the glass table felt cloth as the base for each glass processing. The felt can be easily cut to size and glued on various surfaces. Furthermore, it is more wear-resistant than conventional felts, ideally suited for general purpose cutting and assembly tables.
Industrial Steel Wiping FeltIndustrial Steel Wiping Felt
Steel wiping felt is the sheet felt pad for for wiping purpose in soft or rigid metals as roll cold roll steel mills and other industries. Polyester fibres stiff felt is  remove oils, cutting fluids, burrs, and other contaminants from metal master rolls as it is being, straightened, or slit into coils. Industrial steel wiping felts are used in cold rooling mills, hot rolling mills, steel slitters, cushioning purpose as felt pads.

Battery Pasting Belt Seamless Battery Sticker TapeBattery Pasting Belt Seamless Battery Sticker Tape

Battery pasting belt is the endless felt belt for battery machine industry,  seamless pasting belt for the battery and the accumulator production used in the pasting process of the lead plates in the battery manufacturing process, Our endless battery pasting belts are made of a special chemical treatment cotton and synthetic fibers being battery pasting truly endless belt good for lead acid batteries plate battery.  Our endless battery belts surface the same strength in all the belt’s sections and no weak points,surface with high abrasion resistance will be long life-time, we can made any size upon customer's request.

We also have another type of traditional splice cotton belt for battery plate:

Lead-acid battery grids belts and Lead powder conveyor belt
Features: seamless or steel hook joint
Material: Cotton
Temperature resistance up to 380°C
Thickness: 3mm to 6mm
Width: 10mm to 1000mm
Tensile strength: n/mm 380

The advantages of our battery pasting belts are:
* Longer duration of the belt
* Surface with high abrasion resistance
* Constant thickness
* Truly endless surface
* Dimensions upon customer’s request 


Common size: 2050*380mm,1770*400mm, 2540*330mm,3080*380mm

Breaking strength :N/mm at 1% elong.  

Estimated production is of about 8000000 to1,000,000 frequency of replacement for each belt can be once a week or every second week (in function of production capacity).
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