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Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited


We also manufacture and offer other type of industrial conveyor belts, including food grade bellts, filter mesh belts or drying industrial mesh belts , wood industrial belting,Battery Pasting Belt, corrugated cardboard industrial belt,Endless Wool Belt,Rotary joint sand Garniture Tapes...

Monofilament Polyester Mesh And FibreMonofilament  Polyester Mesh And Fibre

monofilament polyester mesh and Polyester spiral mesh belt

polyester mesh is a polyester fabric with monofilament wires which consists out of just one type of fibre

polyester mesh is largely been used within the food , flour milling industry and paper industry, dewatering belts, drying belts, filter belts, wash belts applications.

Wire Shape: round / flat
Wire diameter: 0,35 mm – 1.0 mm

Colour: blue/white/red

Teflon mesh belt/PTFE Mesh BeltsTeflon mesh belt/PTFE Mesh Belts
PTFE coated fabrics and teflon mech beltare rated to resist temperatures up to 550°F (288°C), and also have excellent chemical resistance and high-release properties.

it is widely used in packaging industry, food industry,heat moulding,laminating,sealing and electrical.

Cotton Biscuit WebbingCotton Biscuit Webbing
The release properties and absorption characteristics of woven cotton cannot be matched by more modern materials
Cotton webbing has been widely used in production of biscuits through out the world.
cotton fabric belts are supplied open or endless with edge reinforcements.

Thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm through to 3.0mm

Bakeries Endless Wool BeltBakeries Endless Wool Belt
Bakeries Endless Wool Belt also called dough bakery endless belt.
It is suitable for bakery machine,dough moulder machine and other food industry machine.

We can manufacture this felt according to customer’s request.

Endless Garniture Tapes and suction tapesEndless Garniture Tapes and suction tapes

Our garniture tapes are made of Kevlar (Aramid) as prime raw materials, special kind of Cigarette tapes /Tobacco tape with a surface coat to suit any working conditions accross the globe for the optimum performance of the cigarette machine.

Suction tapes are excellent surface textures and good air permeability,available in varous of size.

Paper industry Dryer feltPaper industry Dryer felt

Specialty paper Drying machine blankets/Paper industry Dryer felt with a connection hook,

Improved efficiency for paper Printing quality and board making with dryer fabric.

The demands placed on paper and board machine clothing are high, as the fabrics have to support the smooth operation of the entire production line. Dryer fabrics also need to withstand high temperatures, higher print quality.

"East"  Dryer Fabric  was developed with modern drying sections and devices in mind. 
* Structure: net + felt fiber Combined.
* BlanketsThere is a connection hook (connection hook).


* Easy to install (There is connection hook felt).
*  Dry paper, smoother surface, higher print quality.
*  Breathable, fast drying.
*  Can withstand greater pulling force and high speed.

Corrugated Cardboard woven belt or Paper needled beltsCorrugated Cardboard woven belt or Paper needled belts

Corrugated Cardboard woven belt provide to carry the papers which using in corrugator paper production machines.

Paper needled belts  for paper making industry.

Battery Pasting BeltBattery Pasting Belt

Battery Pasting Belt is the seamless one for the battery and the accumulator production, made of nature and synthetic fibers, producing truly endless.

Rotating union jointsRotating union joints
Rotary union are used to transfer media from a stationary supply to a rotating component such as a drum or a roll
Media: Water • steam • hot oil

They are used in process industries such as paper, printing, rubber and plastics, textile and chemical.

Corrugated Metal HosesCorrugated Metal Hoses
Corrugated Metal Hoses /Flexible Hose is pressure tight and ideal for vibration, continuous flexing and when properly designed and installed, for thermal expansion and contraction.

Size:1/2", 3/4" 1", 2"...

PVC Conveyor BeltingPVC Conveyor Belting

PVC conveyor belt for kinds of industrial, we have smooth face and rough face,

can make endless pvc belt or open type pvc belt.

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