Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Food Industrial Conveyor Belts

We also manufacture and offer other type of industrial conveyor belts, including food grade bellts of biscuit cotton belt,food grade pvc belt,Endless Wool belts for dough sheeters bakery, garniture tape tobacco machine belts, Food Felt PVC Conveyor Belt,polyester mesh cloth,Filter cloth,noodle conveyor belt,Food Pasta Steaming conveyor belt,Garniture tapes for tobacco machine also called cigarette tapes .

Cotton Biscuit Webbing Biscuit BeltCotton Biscuit Webbing Biscuit Belt
Cotton biscuit webbing has been widely used in production of biscuits through out the world.
cotton fabric belts are supplied open or endless with edge reinforcements.

Thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm through to 3.0mm

Biscuit cotton belt, monolayer thickness 1.5mm; Density: 1200g/M2, Maximum width 1.30m
( Usually used in biscuit finishing and scrap conveying), this type can be open.
Double-deck thickness: 2.0mm;  Density: 1600g/M2, Maximum width 1.80m
( Usually used in biscuit finishing)  Can be endless
Double-deck thickness: 3.0mm;  Density: 2000g/M2, Maximum width 1.60m
( Usually used in biscuit cooling)  can be endless.

Bakeries Endless Wool Belt For Dough MolderBakeries Endless Wool Belt For Dough Molder

Bakeries Endless Wool Belt also called dough bakery endless belt which is suitable for bakery machine, dough moulder machine and other food industry machine.

We have four types of felt belts for bakeries industry:

1, Endless wool belt without splice,Endless woven and milled. 100% wool natural 
    Thickness Approx. 3mm & 5mm

2, Endless wool/polyester felt can be requested for moulding belts with wet processing and dough processing non-stick,grease resistant,washable.

3, PVC felt belt,food felt PVC conveyor belt covered conveyor belts to suit  food industry applications,meet food bakery  handling requirements.

4, Open size wool belt: piece wool belt used as a cushion, oil-proof, non-slip, hygienic.

Endless Garniture Tapes And Suction Tapes For Tobacco MachineEndless Garniture Tapes And Suction Tapes For Tobacco Machine

Garniture tapes for tobacco machine also called cigarette tapes are made of Kevlar (Aramid) as prime raw materials, special kind of Cigarette tapes /Tobacco tape with a surface coat to suit any working conditions accross the globe for the optimum performance of the cigarette machine.

Suction tapes are excellent surface textures and good air permeability,available in varous of size.

Garniture tapes and Suction tapes are processing belts conveying the bales, to preparing the tobacco and producing the cigarettes.

Food Drying BeltsFood Drying Belts
Food Pasta Steaming Conveyor Belt /Rice noodle steaming belt,Noodle Production Line steaming cloth belt /PTFE mesh  of conveyor belts that are used to steam pasta.

Food drying belts for industrial scale food drying which can take place on continuous moving conveyor belts.  Large ovens are used to carry uncooked pasta through high volume industrial steaming ovens. This allows steam to circulate around the pasta whilst being supported by the belt.

We are offering: 
Polyester mesh cloth
Filter cloth Belt filter 
Food pho noodle conveyor belt

PTFE mesh conveyor belt/PTFE glass cloth /Wire cloth belts

Food Silicone Conveyor BeltsFood Silicone Conveyor Belts
Food Silicone Conveyor Belts

  The advantages of silicone belts that is resist to kinds of chemicals, greases and oils, exceptional anti-adhesive effect. Specifically designed for high-temperature food applications, this product has many other uses where temperature, cleanability, abrasion resistance, and excellent release and chemical resistance characteristics are required. They also offer good release properties and outstanding adhesion.
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