Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Paper Corrugator Packing Industrial Belts

HongKong XinYun offering kinds of fabric belts felt for corrugated industry and paper industry, such as Woven corrugator belts for corrugated cardboard box,100% polyester woven fabric for corrugated cardboard industry,Dryer Fabric Belt for Print Paper Machinery,Paper Machine Press Felt Clothing.

Corrugated Paper Board Conveyor BeltsCorrugated Paper Board Conveyor Belts

Woven cotton conveyor belt is used in corrugated cardboard box manufacturing industry, Papers are passes between two conveyor belts to make multiple ply corrugator paper.

Corrugator Belts can be joint through special wire hook fastener easily on site.

P-011: Ordinary type thickness 9mm corrugator belt.
P-012: Corrugator belt with reinforced aramid (Kevelar) inwoven adge for frequent(belt egde up to 350°C, high speed production demand).
P-013:Thickness 5mm woven belt(width range:500mm-1600mm.
P-014: Non-woven needle felt felt belt( Material Polyester/Aramid, Thickness 10mm4000g/m2; Width range:unlimited size).

7500 +/- 400 g/m²
9 +/- 0,3 mm,
Perfect homogenous
160 +/-15 m3
100- 300 m/min
 1400mm to 3200mm

Dryer Sprial Mesh Belt For Paper MachineryDryer Sprial Mesh Belt For Paper Machinery
Dryer Fabric Belt for Print Paper Machinery ,(forming fabrics, dryer fabrics), filter belts are usually made of abrasive resistant polyester that is high quality polyester monofilament in 100% PET. 

Weave spiral with or without stuffer yarns which are widely used filter press fabric for paper machine clothing in paper pulp washing and drying.

Applied to press types:  of high-grade printing paper, newsprint, technical paper, packaging paper, high-grade paper board etc.
Paper Machine Press Felt ClothingPaper Machine Press Felt Clothing
Paper Machine Press Felt Clothing  is a part of paper machine press section, its effect is to remove the water in paper sheet, and transfer the uniform paper sheet to dryer section.

* Fibre Cement felt - business designs and manufactures a full line of custom press felts for the fibre cement industry.

* woven bases + Press felt ,fabric consisting of two woven bases with a special sublayer on the paper side. Press Felt a very good start-up, high nip dewatering, stability and durability.
Film Bag Hot Cutting Machine Silicone conveyor beltsFilm Bag Hot Cutting Machine Silicone conveyor belts
Silicone Conveyor Belts For Film Zipper Bag Making Machinery  

Application Purpose of silicone conveyor belt: for high temperature elastic sealing  and cutting, and Film bag hot cutting machine, Zipper Bag Machinery plastic bag all kinds of bag making.

High-temperature resistant : Max.300 ℃ Degree Celsius.
Thickest: 2mm-6mm
Widest: 100mm-1200mm
Circumference: 200mm-3000mm
Color: White / Red
Fabric core reinforced,it can still be made endless.
Advantage: high temperature resistant, industrial application or food-grade, wear and tear resistant. 
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