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Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Other Industrial Belting

HongKong XinYun offering kinds of industry belts, such as teflon mesh belt, high temperature glasses cloth, ptfe belt,polyester mesh sprial belt,silicon belt for package industry,rotary joint,union joint,metal hose, monofilament polyester mesh sprial mesh belt, meltblown nonwovens conveyor belt for medical mask cloth,paper industry drying belt

Teflon Mesh Belt And Teflon Cloth Belt(PTFE)Teflon Mesh Belt And Teflon Cloth Belt(PTFE)

PTFE conveyor belts combine the non-stick surface and heat resistance of polytetr afluoroe thylene and with the strength and dimensional stability of fiberglass. Dimensionally stable from -73° to +260°C (-100° to +550°F),  belts are non-toxic, tasteless odorless, Precision Coating line industrial belts combine the non-stick surface and heat resistance.

Application: suitable for printing, the flat dryer of printing industry, and heat transfer conveyer belt,food processing press belts, Textile dryer belts, printing dryer belts, plastic bag sealing belt, sealing machine belts, Screen print dryers, lamination belts, Solar panel and photovoltaic lamination belts.

Monofilament Polyester Mesh Spiral Mesh BeltMonofilament Polyester Mesh Spiral Mesh Belt

Monofilament polyester mesh and Polyester spiral mesh belt

Polyester mesh is a polyester fabric with monofilament wires which consists out of just one type of fibre, purposes for dewatering, pressing, filtering, seprating, drying, cooling, polyester mesh belts are also used to emboss wood, for heat treatment, and in the textile and nonwovens industry, drying textile printing cloth and papermaking, decorative material, coating and laminating, filter industry conveying and wash belts, arificial board factory net, the food drying, the material selection, environmental protection and other industry. Polyester mesh belt for drying within the printing and textile industry and also used as dewatering belts for fruit and vegetables in the food industry. These materials are also found in separation and filtration applications like water treatment plants and flour mills.

We can offer polyester spiral mesh belt with joint or open size.

Wire Shape: Round / Flat
Wire diameter: 0,35 mm – 1.0 mm

Colour: blue/white/red

Silicon Conveyor Belts For Food Processing, Packaging Film Bag, Wood IndustrySilicon Conveyor Belts For Food Processing, Packaging Film Bag, Wood Industry

Silicon Conveyor Belts are used for food processing, packaging film bag, wood furniture doors and windows processing....

Silicon conveyor belts consist of a rubber coating which is applied to one or two layers of polyester. The advantages of silicon are obvious - it is resistant to many chemicals, greases and high temperature resistance, tear resistance, anti-adhesive effect. 

Rotating union joints Metal HosesRotating union joints Metal Hoses

Rotating Unions and Rotary Joints and transfer fluids like water, air, coolant, steam, and other forms of media from static to 360° continuous rotating parts. 

Offers (single flow) passage rotary joints, two (dual flow) passage rotary unions, Sizes range from 1/8″ to 12″ nominal pipe sizes in single and dual flow designs including multi-port hydraulic models .

Swivel Union Materials are cast iron, cast steel, brass, stainless steel. Rotary unions are used in various sectors such as paper Machine Dryer, packaging,  textile equipment, rubber & plastic manufacturing machinery, steel continuous casting machines and paper machine calender.

According to the numerous applications, different requirements are placed on a Rotary Union.

Corrugated Metal Hoses is pressure tight and ideal for vibration, continuous flexing and when properly designed and installed, for thermal expansion and contraction. Size:1/2", 3/4" 1", 2"... Metal hose match for rotary union/rotary joint, can customized any length.

Meltblown Nonwovens Conveyor belt For Medical Mask ClothMeltblown Nonwovens Conveyor belt For Medical Mask Cloth
Meltblown Nonwovens Conveyor belt For Medical Mask Cloth

Meltblown Nonwovens are used in areas Medical mask cloth,hygiene products. Air-permeable, woven conveyor belts made of synthetics, metal and material combinations are used for forming, bonding and drying nonwovens.

According to the characteristics of the melt-blown industry, meltblown polyester conveyor mesh belt play a key role in the formation of fabric, high-permeability circular weaving and effective discharge of static electricity allow extruded and disentangled fibers to be distributed on the mesh belt, mesh belt is not afraid of high temperature solution spray, and have strong peelability, plaques are easy to clean.

Woven Mesh belt  is Laterally stable conveyor belts with optimal running propertie
Transporting, Sieving, Drying, Pressing,antistatic, cleanable, flexible.
Paper industry Dryer feltPaper industry Dryer felt

Specialty paper Drying machine blankets/Paper industry Dryer felt with a connection hook,

Improved efficiency for paper Printing quality and board making with dryer fabric.

The demands placed on paper and board machine clothing are high, as the fabrics have to support the smooth operation of the entire production line. Dryer fabrics also need to withstand high temperatures, higher print quality.

"East"  Dryer Fabric  was developed with modern drying sections and devices in mind. 
* Structure: net + felt fiber Combined.
* BlanketsThere is a connection hook (connection hook).


* Easy to install (There is connection hook felt).
*  Dry paper, smoother surface, higher print quality.
*  Breathable, fast drying.
*  Can withstand greater pulling force and high speed.

Battery Pasting BeltBattery Pasting Belt

Battery Pasting Belt is the felt belt for battery industry, seamless pasting belt for the battery and the accumulator production, made of cotton and synthetic  fibers being battery pasting truly endless belt.  Our endless battery belts surface the same strength in all the belt’s sections and no weak points,surface with high abrasion resistance will be long life-time, we can made any size upon customer's request.

Corrugated Cardboard Woven Belts Corrugated Board Industry BeltsCorrugated Cardboard Woven Belts Corrugated Board Industry Belts

Corrugated Cardboard  Belts are used on corrugated board industry, providing to carry the papers which using in corrugator paper production machines.

We offering woven corrugated conveyor belts and needle felt belt, and various of corrugated board industry accessories, welcome to inquiry.

PVC Conveyor BeltingPVC Conveyor Belting

PVC conveyor belt for kinds of industrial, we have smooth face and rough face,

can make endless pvc belt or open type pvc belt.

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