Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited


  Manufacturing of needle felt blanket for textile finishing process, adopt of best quality material of Nomex(aramid) from Dupont, polyester and wool, our endless felt blankets are nomex heat transfer printing felt for roll to roll sublimation calender printing, endless sanforizing felt blanket , calender felt, endless nomex pleating felt, compacting felt, laminating felt, tannery embossing felt, sammy machine felt, and flat press sublimation felt.

ET-P1 Heat Transfer printing feltET-P1 Heat Transfer printing felt

Heat transfer printing felt is use on heat transfer printing calender, also called sublimation printing felt which made of 100%nomex (aramid), especially for roll to roll calender sublimation printing machinery,our heat transfer felt can resist of high working temperation up to 230°C / 450°F,  the funtion of nomex felt is heat resistance against the heat drum to press the pattern sublimation on the fabric, and through the printed paper to make a precise colors and reproduce the picture on the processed fabric with the sharpest definition.

We avaliable in manufacturing different size with professional technology to match to kinds of roller heat transfer machinery.

Heat transfer printing felt also called endless nomex  felt, calender heat press felt, heat press sublimation blanket.

We can offer heat transfer printing felts with original and special dimensions for every brand of heat press calender printing machines :Practix, Monti, Kala,Diferro, Lemaire, Klieverik, Transmatic,Sorim, Studio FX, Stork, Bates, Wuppertal, Kristall, Sublistatic, Gessner, Bizmak, S.T.M., Singer, KMT, MOGK, TURAL MAKINA... 

ET-P2 Flatbed heat press feltET-P2 Flatbed heat press felt

Flatbed heat press felts are primarily used on sublimation heat press printing machine for sublimation printing, it is the open type sublimation felt on printing for the small format flags, banners, T-shirt printing, advertisement and other small fabric.

Flatbed heat sublimation felts made of nomex and polyester reach different working temperation, and we cut felts in any request size.


Material: Nomex/Polyester


Density: 500g/m2- 4000g/m2


Working temperature :160°C-260°C

ET-S3 Sanforizing blanket felt, palmer feltET-S3 Sanforizing blanket felt, palmer felt

Sanforizing felts also called palmer felt, are used on the sanforizing machine for drying wet fabric while shirking, denim finishing plants sanforizing, and improve the fabric.

Special needle punch sanforizing blanket style with heat and chemical resistant synthetic fibres available for the most modern machines with pressurized steam, well on Finishing, Ironing, Lustering, Softening of the fabrics. 

Material:100% Nomex,  Nomex+Polyester,  100% polyester, polyester+wool, polyester+acrylic

Working temperature:  160°C-260°C

Thickness:  5-12mm

Density:  6mmT:2400g,8mmT:2800g,10mmT:3600g 12mmT:4200g

Width:  1.6m-2.8m

Circumference:  2.0m-60m,customized

ET-C4 Compactor machine felt blanketsET-C4 Compactor machine felt blankets

Compacting felts are made by 100%nomex(aramid) surface, via heavy needle to ensure flexible and smooth non-marking surface, to offer maximumshrinkage and dimensional stability . compactor felt blankets are designed for tubular or open-width knitted fabrics, we also manufacture material mix with Nomex , Polyester and Wool to suitable for all brands of compacting calenders.

Our compactor felts used in the processing section of the knit manufacturers are used on the following machines : Lafer,Dong Nam, Ferraro, Santex, Sperotto, Albrecht, Serteks, Heliot, Ruckh, Monforts, Brückner, Hsing Cheng, Jiangyin Jintian, Dilmenler, Weiss, Hung Jyi, Lafer Türk, Mersan, Bianco, BH Tech, Fong’s, Poong Kwang, Muzzi, Ssang Ho, Monti, I Kuang, Strahm,…

ET-C5 Textile calender felt blanketET-C5 Textile calender felt blanket

Calender felt blankets are used in textile calendar machines for finishing. Calender felts are strictly on needle processing to offer smooth surface,when ironing the fabric after wetting and drying to ensure that no marks remain on the knitted fabrics, leaving them evenly decatized and ironed, to improve the fabric excellent handle. Calender blankets drying application at textile factories, mainly on Finishing, Ironing, lustering and softening fabric. 

Characteristics: anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-septic, washable, air-permeability, stability,

                      heat-resistance and easily installed.

Working temperature:  160°C~200°C

ET-P6 Endless pleating feltET-P6 Endless pleating felt

Endless pleating felts like a tube which are used on textile pleating machine to pleating the synthetic fabrics,such as curtains. 

Our pleating felts precess with standard size, made with 100% nomex (aramid) fabric, they have a  soft and smooth surface, elastic, good air-permeability and thermal conductivity , could get a longlife .

Normally customers request nomex endless pleating felts,  we also available offer of cotton pleating felt and wool type of pleating felts.

These pleating felt sleeves are truly seamless with material 100% aramid (nomex) , cotton, and wool. 




220°C to 260°C

ET-H7 Shrink on felt sleeves and Decatising felt blanketsET-H7 Shrink on felt sleeves and Decatising felt blankets

Shrink on felt sleeves are used in calender roller, they have seamless construction to leave no imprints and are fleece-layered to give fabric a softer, fuller hand.

Decatizing machine felt is used for the process of woollen fabrics, in order to give stabilization as well as handle to the worsted and woollen-blended fabrics, with heat and chemical resistant synthetic fibres available feature

Special style with heat and chemical resistant synthetic fibres, available for the most modern machines with pressurized steam. Learn more...

ET-T8 Tannery embossing felts, Sammy machine feltsET-T8 Tannery embossing felts, Sammy machine felts

Embossing felts for tanneries ironing and embossing, also called tannery felts, leather felts, needle and woollen sleeves,tannery pad belt. Embossing felts made of special proprietary material, providing soft surface after specific treatment, ensure tanneries process on a stable and safe environment.

Sammy felts are used on through feed sammying machines during hide processing in tanneries, available provided in various fibres mixes.

ET-P10 Dryer needle felt with sprial mesh belt,Coating drying feltsET-P10 Dryer needle felt with sprial mesh belt,Coating drying felts

These kinds of dryer needle felts with sprial mesh belt by our owned independent research and development, for transfer printing, coating industry or other dyer industry.The fabric, which has been printed, is fixed inside dryer with hot air, drying needle felt with sprial mesh belt made of premium nomex(aramid)fabric to ensure the smooth surface and good breathable.

Main features: 
 1,surface fiber soft, smooth, breathable, play a protective product surface to avoid scratch, increase the  friction
 2,Thickness could reach 3mm to 10mm according to request, to increase the strength of the belt and the  effect of pressure
 3,strong structure, protection belt with less than 2% elongation, shrinkage less than 1.5%
 4,smooth operation, not deviation, not broken edge
 5,according to the request of different materials to reach the best cost-effective,  
    working temperature reach 160-260°c                 
 6,Connection way: ring seamless, Concealed joint,hook connection to match  different usage. Learn more...

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